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  Illusionist Glen Foster

Glen was born in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1970. Glen’s family moved to Costa Rica when he was 2. There he began to learn Spanish. At age 5 he moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Glen began watching his dad do simple magic tricks. It was then that Glen started to get an interest in magic. It wasn’t until 15 that Glen received his first magic trick along with his first dove. By age 16, Glen was performing all over Puerto Rico for birthday parties and friends. Glen also won several Magic Competitions as a member of The Society of Young Magicians. By age 18, Glen had performed for some of the top TV Entertainers. Glen performed weekly for Telemundo and Univision, the main Spanish TV Networks.

In 1989, Glen attended Liberty University were he majored in Acting, Directing, Telecommunications, Psychology and Spanish. Glen performed for the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center as well as the Liberty University. Glen also directed several plays while in Lynchburg. Glen’s background allowed him the opportunity to work with well known Contemporary Christian Artist. It was at Liberty University that Glen had a chance to see and meet “The Spencer’s” (Illusionist). Glen then started to learn about art of performing Illusions.

In 1999, Glen moved to Winter Haven, Florida and began working for Sea World. Glen became an animal trainer and had the opportunity to train and work with Dolphins, Sea Lions and Killer Whales.

In 2001, Glen, now serious about performing illusions met an illusionist named Steve Zigmont who became his mentor and taught him the do’s and don’ts of performing illusions. Due to the association of great friends and mentors in the entertainment industry, Glen has become a well sought after performer. Glen has performed in many of the US States.

In 2004 and 2005, Glen was once again honored with stage performance awards from the Magic Community.

Glen started performing his one man comedy show for The Bahamas Celebration, then performed for Carnival Cruise Lines and is currently performing for Disney Cruise Lines. Glen was a honored to perform on the Maiden Voyage for the Disney Dream. He continues to perform for DCL on a regular basis.

The Comedy Magic and Comedy Mind Reading of Glen Foster is what you need for your next special event.

“To all my friends, especially Steve and Lisa Zigmont, thank you for everything. All that I have learned has allowed me to do what I love best. ENTERTAIN”

Glen Foster

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